Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First haircut

I bet you thought I was talking about this babe:
Nope! But this is what Stella did the whole time. So exciting.

The time had come for Miss Livia's first haircut. I have been putting it off, because I was worried they would cut off the curls she has at the ends of her hair.

But it was starting to look stringy. So off to Kids Kutz we went!

Livia's hair before.

I also decided that we might as well get Gracie's hair cut as well! She needed it!

Now, those of you who have had the pleasure to know Miss Livi Lou, she isn't the calmest child. So I was very worried about how much squirming she would do. With my help, she was able to get an even haircut!

All done! Check out her crazy cowlicks! Poor kid! Both beauticians commented on the girls' crazy cowlicks and hair lines. Sorry ladies! I can't fix that!

Oh crap.

Don't hate me.

I just realized that I don't have a good 'after' picture of Livia's hair. I must have got distracted....with 3 kids and all.

OK! Livia's 'after' picture to come!!

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  1. It turned out so cute. By the way, guess who is heading to Wenatchee for Apple Blossom this year? We are! Are you guys going to be there too?


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