Saturday, November 28, 2009

Soap and Face

This morning, I decided that it wasn't too early to put up our Christmas decorations.
I have one red wooden decoration that says HOPE and another that is green and says FAITH. As I was putting them on the bookshelves in our living room, Gracie asked me "What does that say, Mom?" I told her "That one says hope and that one says faith."
After a second of thinking, she looked at me and said "Oh! Soap and Face!"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A little hockey story

Once upon a time, there was a mother of 2 little girls who LOVED hockey. When she found out that the NHL would be having an exhibition game play in Everett, WA, she screamed before she even knew who would be playing (even though she was really hoping it would be the Carolina Hurricanes....but whateva!).

Anyway, this girls AWESOME husband said "Go! Go have fun with your hockey friends!" She found out that the game would be the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. the Phoenix Coyotes. Not really her favorite teams, but she has a soft spot in her heart for the TB Lightning because one of her beloved goalies, Dustin Tokarski, was drafted by them. She hoped and hoped and hoped he would be playing.

After 5 hours in a car with her friends, she made it to Everett in time to eat Ivar's (How awesome is it that they have Ivar's in their arena????) and watch warm ups.

Then all her friends spotted him. He was in the wrong number (usually #34) but there he was.

The poor goalie didn't get to play, but the girl was thrilled to see him in a TB sweater.

So the game began and the girl had a blast rooting on TB when it seemed like she was surrounded by Coyote fans.

What would a hockey game be with out a fight??

Then, the game was over. TB won and it was GREAT.

She had a blast with her friends and was glad she was able to see a live NHL game!

The end.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby bump

Here I am in all my 33 week glory! I can't wait to meet our new little princess!

I know....HUGE, right?? *sigh*

Everything seems to be moving right along! She and my uterus are measuring a head of schedule. We had a scare Tuesday night though! We were up until 12:30 am with consistent contractions that had worked up to 3 minutes apart. I was scared to death. I do not need a 4 lbs baby in the NICU right now, thank you! Luckily, I was in touch with a nurse from the maternity ward at my hospital that gave me tips on how to get them to stop. Finally, after a nice HOT bath, my body relaxed and we got some sleep! Too bad I drank like 20 liters of water, so while Clancy went peacefully to sleep, I got up every 5 minutes to pee. Lovely.

I know I am way behind, but I promise to get some stuff up this weekend. I have Halloween, an NHL game I went to with friends and more to post! Plus my mom and I are taking the girls to Disney on Ice this Saturday! I am sure there will be some great pictures from that! I am sooo ready for the weekend!