Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day one down!

Renee at the YMCA....You are evil. Okay, not really, but my body is jello after that cycling class.

The girls and I conquered the Y this morning. Them to childcare, me to cycling. Then I let Tiphanie and Patty (workout partners-YAY!) talk me into something called TRX. Let me tell ya, I feel the burn!!! I have never prayed so hard that my child would poop so that they would come get me to change her. It didn't work. It was great to sweat and say nasty things under my breathe at the instructor. I am motivated!!

Funny story: Ever since yesterday, when we went to sign up at the Y, Gracie has just been DYING to go to the pool. This morning, I didn't want to hassle with it and Gracie started asking me where the swimsuits were. "Didn't you get them?" she says.

"No, we aren't going swimming today. Maybe tomorrow on Daddy's day off. Today you will play with other kids while Mama goes to exercise," I say.

"MOM! But YMCA spells water!!"

That's my kid.

We purchased a new loveseat and sofa set last week, and now I am on a kick to redecorate the whole living room and dining area. Now if I could only find an investor for this project.

Clancy has decided to go for his MBA. Yay. 2 more years of school. Bleh. Just kidding, I know it will be good in the long run. I have to stay positive! He is applying to WSU and EWU. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. If he gets into wsu does that mean a move to pullman or just the spokane extension? Working out is a bitter sweet. in april I am headed to spokane to become a spin instructor. Maybe you can hate me too.

  2. your so good at working out- thats another goal I need to add!
    I need my triple muffin tops gone too!


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