Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't bite flies!

Today during nap time, Gracie came running up the stairs, crying.

"What happened?" I asked

Then I saw her face.

And then I laughed and asked again.

"What happened?"

She replied:

"You know that thing. That squishy thing. Livia got it for her birthday. I bite it with my teeth and then I feel wet all over my face!"

I wondered what could this thing possibly be? I couldn't think of what Livia got for her birthday that would make that kind of a mess.

"It's downstairs on my bed," Gracie said.

So I went down there, looked and her bed, and remembered.

I remembered this hideous fly that Livia insisted on getting the day of her birthday.

What a mess it made!

Just on Gracie's face.

Somehow, her bedding was spared.

Whatever possessed her to bite it, is beyond me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When kids get ahold of the camera

I went to upload some pictures today, and looky looky what I found!
**Warning--There may be one offensive picture, but it is it's my blog and I can put whatever I want on it. :)

Mail, aka bills


Hallway wall
Heater vent and the evil scale in the bathroom

Contents on bathroom sink

Seriously. One of the girls took a picture of their poo. I am guessing Gracie.

Astro Boy!

Home Depot's latest ad...oooo reminds me we need to go there tonight

Stella's jumpy chair

Wasn't that fun?
My guess is that whoever did this did it when I was in the shower. Dora goes on the TV so that the big kiddos are entertained. I still am not sure who took the pics though.....Gracie or Livia?? Maybe Stella???

The only evidence I have...... And they look like Livia toes!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I just have to say...

I know this super teeny, but I stole it off Facebook. (shhhhhhhh!)



Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh spring, how we've missed you!

Here it is, just like I promised! Livia's 1st haircut 'after' picture! See, she still has a little bit of curl left.....

And this is Gracie's masterpiece. I found this on the hallway wall that we had dry walled and prepped for painting....we just hadn't gotten around to painting it. This made me paint it yesterday. (When I say me, I mean Clancy.)

Remember Gracie's love for Astro Boy? This is a declaration of that love.

Now it looks like this! Much better.

Yesterday was the prettiest day we have had in a long time. We took full advantage of it and spent most of the day outside. Stella got to try out the swing for the first time.
I think she was impressed! She stayed in there for a good 30 minutes while we worked in the yard.
Livia woke up from her nap and found us playing outside. The first thing she ask for was her 'bike hat'. Can you tell she's still not fully awake??

Grace rode her bike on the concrete path we have in the backyard. She's getting pretty good!

I also did a little project yesterday and painted a dresser that we no longer use. I have been looking for something to put on this wall in the dining room. I really wanted a hutch, but decided that using a dresser we already have and $6 worth of paint was more cost effective.

Now I have a little buffet!

I am pretty happy with the final product! I just laid a table runner over the top to protect it a little and then I plan to use the drawers for storage. As Bernadette pointed out, somewhere to finally put those place mats I never get to use!

Funny thing, Stella is in her bouncy seat as I type this and she keeps starting to fall asleep, and then startling herself awake! I have never seen her do that before! Just go to sleep kid!
I just took some video of it and will try to post it......

In the mean time, go out and enjoy this great weather!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank goodness



Apparently all the girl needed was a higher dosage!

Oh and I bought a purse last night. It totally cheered me up!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday kept going

I also forgot to mention that during Stella's screaming fit, I poured myself some yummy, delicious, stress reducing Pepsi. And spilled it all over our living room rug.


Don't tell the hubby. There's a 'no eating or drinking in the living room' rule since we purchased new furniture 2 months ago. Whoops!

After I finished my last post, I went to the hospital to visit my newest little nephew! What a cutie he is! Lots of hair and just a chunk! After I got some snuggles in with him, I pulled out my camera to take a picture.


So I pulled out my phone to take a picture.


Alas, I have no pictures of my cute little nephew.
What a great way to end my Tuesday!

Oh and Stella is continuing to scream at me. Took her to the doc and 'she looks great!'


So we are going to try upping her dosage of her Esophagitis medicine and take her back in tomorrow for a follow up.

Don't worry, I am putting Negative Nancy to bed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My day

The beginning of my day deceived me.
Stella slept in until 6 am, and then went back to sleep until 9:30. Woot!

Then it got worse.

I decided to go visit my former co-workers at the credit union. So I got all the girls dressed and ready to go. Stella decided to puke all over her outfit.

Okay, no prob.

I changed her outfit and we were out the door.

She then puked all over herself while chatting with friends. As we were leaving, Livia decided to go play in the water puddles that had formed after the rain this morning, leaving her pants all wet.

Not bad, I like a good puddle as well. Just getting dirt all over the van floor and seat didn't amuse me.

When we got home, I put all her toys (funny thing--she has to take toys with her everywhere she goes--her Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Astro Boy, and Minnie Mouse. Today she decided to also bring along her baby doll) in my purse so it would be easier getting into the house.

NO. Bad idea.

She freaked out for about 10 minutes that she wanted to take them out of the car. I tried to give them back to her when she got to the front porch, but NOOOOO. She wanted them in the car, so she could take them out herself.


Get lunch ready. Gracie asks for tuna fish because "tuna fish is a mermaid. But it's also a real fish."
My hands stink like tunafish.

Stella decides to cry for about 2 hours straight. FUN.

My sister in law dropped of her son, and I thought, "Great! Someone to distract Gracie and Livia!"

Poor kid stubbed his toe and it was down hill from there. He wanted his mommy and daddy. I don't blame him. Screaming Stella made me want my mommy and daddy, too.

Stella falls asleep and I decide I need something SWEET. I find some 100 calorie snack packs of those little Chessmen cookies and promptly eat 2. Who cares about a diet in this time of need??

Stella wakes up when she smells my cookie pleasure, and continues to scream. She spits up all over my shoulder, all over her clothes, on the floor in the kitchen and in her bouncy chair.

So I decide to put her in the one thing I know she loves: her bath tub.


The kid is quiet.

Clancy gets home and takes my nephew home. He also takes Livia with him to give me a break. As soon as he leaves, Gracie decided to throw a fit because she wants to go. I can handle a screaming infant better than a crying 4 1/2 year old.
Cut my ears off now.
Stella decided she didn't like her bath anymore and started screaming at me too.

I wanted to quit.

I get her out, and Clancy comes home. Yay!

Then I spill Alfredo sauce all over me and the kitchen floor. Then Clancy accidentally spills the buttered bread on me when I'm sitting at the dining room table.
Livia decides she doesn't like her food and takes it to the kitchen. Instead it spills all over the dining room rug.

Now I am going to leave and go see my newest little nephew!! Hopefully he won't scream at me!

Tomorrow can only be better, right?