Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My day

The beginning of my day deceived me.
Stella slept in until 6 am, and then went back to sleep until 9:30. Woot!

Then it got worse.

I decided to go visit my former co-workers at the credit union. So I got all the girls dressed and ready to go. Stella decided to puke all over her outfit.

Okay, no prob.

I changed her outfit and we were out the door.

She then puked all over herself while chatting with friends. As we were leaving, Livia decided to go play in the water puddles that had formed after the rain this morning, leaving her pants all wet.

Not bad, I like a good puddle as well. Just getting dirt all over the van floor and seat didn't amuse me.

When we got home, I put all her toys (funny thing--she has to take toys with her everywhere she goes--her Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Astro Boy, and Minnie Mouse. Today she decided to also bring along her baby doll) in my purse so it would be easier getting into the house.

NO. Bad idea.

She freaked out for about 10 minutes that she wanted to take them out of the car. I tried to give them back to her when she got to the front porch, but NOOOOO. She wanted them in the car, so she could take them out herself.


Get lunch ready. Gracie asks for tuna fish because "tuna fish is a mermaid. But it's also a real fish."
My hands stink like tunafish.

Stella decides to cry for about 2 hours straight. FUN.

My sister in law dropped of her son, and I thought, "Great! Someone to distract Gracie and Livia!"

Poor kid stubbed his toe and it was down hill from there. He wanted his mommy and daddy. I don't blame him. Screaming Stella made me want my mommy and daddy, too.

Stella falls asleep and I decide I need something SWEET. I find some 100 calorie snack packs of those little Chessmen cookies and promptly eat 2. Who cares about a diet in this time of need??

Stella wakes up when she smells my cookie pleasure, and continues to scream. She spits up all over my shoulder, all over her clothes, on the floor in the kitchen and in her bouncy chair.

So I decide to put her in the one thing I know she loves: her bath tub.


The kid is quiet.

Clancy gets home and takes my nephew home. He also takes Livia with him to give me a break. As soon as he leaves, Gracie decided to throw a fit because she wants to go. I can handle a screaming infant better than a crying 4 1/2 year old.
Cut my ears off now.
Stella decided she didn't like her bath anymore and started screaming at me too.

I wanted to quit.

I get her out, and Clancy comes home. Yay!

Then I spill Alfredo sauce all over me and the kitchen floor. Then Clancy accidentally spills the buttered bread on me when I'm sitting at the dining room table.
Livia decides she doesn't like her food and takes it to the kitchen. Instead it spills all over the dining room rug.

Now I am going to leave and go see my newest little nephew!! Hopefully he won't scream at me!

Tomorrow can only be better, right?


  1. Ugh, you did have one of those days. Hope Javin didn't add a lot to it. Tomorrow's got to be better!

  2. Yes, there is always tomorrow. But I will admit, I am glad this wasn't my day.


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