Saturday, July 25, 2009


That's what Gracie yells everytime she hears that magical music playing in the street. Usually I just let her look out the window at it ( she does NOT need $3 ice cream), but this time I looked at Clancy and said "I got some cash. Should we get some??" So we grabbed our $$ and headed outside. Usually our neighbors don't really stop what they are doing for the ice cream truck, but not today. Today they we all out in their yards and had the same idea as us. It was hot out!!!
Instead of letting them make a huge mess with the ice cream inside the house, we decided to stay out on the front steps and let them eat it out there. I thought this would save me from cleaning up a huge mess! WRONG.

Livia choose a fudgescicle......

....and Gracie decided she needed one too!
Livia couldn't lick it fast enough, so the top ended up on the ground.
She thought she could pick it up an fix it!

Apparently the rest of Livia's fudgescicle didn't make it as well. It ended up on the sidewalk. She was so confused, like HEY Where did my ice cream go????
All done! Gracie didn't get too messy.....

...but Livia definitely got a bath! What a mess maker!!

It was such a nice night! Since a lot of our neighbors were out, we got to say hi and talk for a bit. Some of our neighbors are quite entertaining! Like one neighbor spent a couple of minutes trying to persuade his drunk friend that driving at that moment probably wasn't the greatest idea. Gotta love Hillyard! Our other neighbors are so nice and were giving up tips on our lawn that we have been trying to bring back from the dead since last summer. It seems to finally be working! When we bought our house, it was the middle of winter, and it had sat for 2 years! So we had no idea what the lawn was like. We were just excited to have such a huge yard! When spring came around, everyone had green grass...and we had grey grass. Lovely. Thankfully this year it is MUCH better!
Hope everyone enjoys there weekend!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Splish Splash

It has been soooooo hot here lately! Saturday night, we filled up a pool I bought that I thought was going to be HUGE! Umm not so much. I have got to get them a bigger one! The girls love it anyhow! Plus they look so cute in their Dora swimsuits. Livia loves any kind of pool! We took both girls swimming in the pool at the hotel my parents stayed at this weekend and Livia loved it! Gracie on the other hand wasn't too thrilled. She would stay on the stairs and watch. She also snuck into the hot tub whenever she could. Just like her mom!
Here's some pics to show that we just love summer!!! Don't let the pictures fool you though, they look sweet, but Livia was splashing Gracie whenever she got the chance.

My parents were in town on a mini vacation, and while they were here, we were able to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday! It was a fitting little party with black plates and napkins! Happy Birthday Dad!!
Sisterly love!
We don't have a lot going on this week, thankfully! It seems like summer has been so crazy so far and it's just flying by! I am just glad that I got my part time schedule just in time for summer! It's definitely nice to have an extra day off during the week to spend with the girls. It will be even better next summer because I won't be working (yea!).
This reminds that the girls need a bath......

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Explaining the pregnancy

Livia at 3 months
Gracie at 3 months

We are so excited to have another baby on the way! I am currently 15 weeks. We are definitely hoping for a boy, but will be excited with a girl, too! This has been a very eventful pregnancy. At 5.5 weeks I started bleeding and cramping and expecting the worse again. I went right to my doctor's office, and they could only see an empty sac and lots of blood surrounding it. So they drew some blood and put me on bedrest for a week. Fun. Not.
I went in the following week and they saw two sacs. Imagine my surprise! One sac had a baby with a very strong heartbeat and the other was empty, which led my doc to think that maybe I was miscarrying the one baby. I was told I could go back to work, but to rest as much as possible. Easier said than done with 2 toddlers ruling the household. The next couple of weeks, I went in for more ultrasounds to check on the second sac, until it was no longer there. Instead there is still blood, as well as a growing, healthy, strong baby! So now I am still being monitored every 2 weeks by my wonderful doctor (LOVE Dr. Brasch! If you need a new dr, go see him!) to make sure that the baby is still growing. It used to be ultrasound after ultrasounds, which I'm not complaining about, and now we are just listening to the heartbeat throught the doppler. Which comforts me very much. Dr. says that even if the blood is still there, there isn't a lot we can do but wait. At my 20 week check up, he will check out the blood as well has do all the normal measuring. Exciting!
I have just started to feel the baby move, which is also comforting. The biggest risk to having the blood in there is that it can eat away at the baby's sac, causing it to rupture prematurely. Well that just won't happen! So we are praying that the blood is all gone at the next ultrasound.

I have had every stinkin' symptom in the book. The nausea seems to be lasting a long time, which I was hoping would stop about 2 weeks ago. It will all be worth it though!

I am soooo obsessed with this baby! It's insane! I have already purchased the perfect bassinet, the perfect swing and the perfect bouncer. Right now they currently house the girls' baby dolls (the only way I can keep Livia from crawling in there). I have even gone as far as to buy the cutest baby boy clothing that I find for great deals at yard sales! Wishful thinking, I guess! Clancy has been working on the baby's room and it is coming right a long. Once we find out what it is, then I can start decorating with pink or blue accents to the brown walls. Everything will definitely be ready for this baby! 5 1/2 months to go!

HOCKEY note: Hahahaha The Tri-City Ams lost their head coach! Sorry, but I think this is funny, even though the Chiefs lost their coach last year. They probably laughed when we lost good old Billy. It is training camp yet?

I have finally entered the world....

.......of blogging! Probably because I am proud to admit, I am a blog stalker. If I find a blog of someone I know, or used to know, I check it. At least once a week. That's right.
So I have now decided that it is time to start our own family blog. I hope to keep everyone updated on what is going on in our lives, our 3rd baby that will enter the world at the beginning of January, and what the kids are up to. Since I am going to be writing on this blog, you will probably read some rants and raves and probably some emotional insights. Oh and since I have a hockey fan, you will probably see some ramblings about my favorite teams and hockey news that I deem worthy. So sit back and enjoy the ride!