Thursday, May 27, 2010

Holy fruitcake.

What a day.

The fridge quit working.

Stella won't let me get ready for the day.

Clancy was offered a great job in a town 3 hours away.

We are moving.

And it's only 12:15 in the afternoon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby food

At Stella's 4 month check up, (14.9 lbs, 25.8 inches) back a couple **cough cough** weeks ago, her Doc mentioned that we could try out some baby food if she seems interested. She hasn't been acting too interested but we decided to try it out anyway.

She wasn't interested.

But she sure is cute!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yard project


We love our house. We really do. But when we bought it, it was in December of 2007. That means that there was snow on the ground and Clancy and I both didn't think to look under all that snow to see what condition the yard and flower beds were in. Needless to say, when the snow melted, our neighbors grass got green.......and ours was grey.

I do need to mention that our house was vacant for almost two years before we bought it. First, it was put for sale and an older man bought it and started working on it, but didn't live in it. Then he died.
Hopefully not in the house, but the neighbors haven't been able to tell me neigh or yay on that one.
Anyway, after he died, it stayed vacant while his will and all that fun stuff was sorted out. The bank got it back and we bought it from them.

When we moved it, there was all kinds of fun stuff left behind as well. Old tins, cans, a dish full of spare change and other miscellaneous. The attic in the garage had the most fun stuff.

Our house has a lot of character, too. Someday when the house is spic an span, I will have to take pictures of all the little fun things our house has. (Think ironing board in the wall, glass knobs....)

Anyway, one of the biggest pros of our house is that we have over a 1/3 acre of land. We love all the room! That also brings a lot of work. The summer of 2008, we worked on it a lot and just mainly focused on bringing the grass back. Summer of 2009, I was pregnant and sick all the time and we both worked full time and didn't get much done on the yard or flower beds. So this spring, we decided enough is enough! Time to do something about the flower beds.

First we pulled up all the old bark, weeds and old ground cloth.

Then we laid new ground cloth and put in rock!

We also added some Azalea's, some arborvitaes, and a rose bush.

MUCH better.

This is the north side of our flower bed.


Do you like how I am taking the pictures and Clancy's doing the work?

Ground cloth laid!

We ran out of rock and got more the next week....we even got it for free of Craigslist! Woot!

I need to find a nice tree or flowering bush for this side of the house. I have one Azalea over there, but it needs something big to balance it out. The south side has this tree that I love.
I have no clue what it is. If you can tell me what kind of tree it is, you will 65,502,734 points! I am guessing it is a weeping something. Here is what the leaves look like.

It gets really full, like this:

We also dug up the front patches of weeds and just added a little plant for now. I will probably add more flowers to it later.

Now it looks so much better!

Once I find another bush I like to put in the other flower bed, I will feel like it's finished. Clancy has been applying for a lot of jobs, and lately, some of them have been out of town. In the event that we would need to sell our house, it's nice to know that we wouldn't have to spend too much time on the yard and flower beds. Man, having a house takes more work than I ever thought! Guess I imagined being rich and having a gardener! Hahahaha!