Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh Gracie....

This kid is hilarious.


Who else could fall in love with a cartoon character? She doesn't even know what love it--she's only 4 1/2!!--but lately she has been watching Astro Boy cartoons via Netflix on our computer. Now she says she loves him and wants him to come to her Earth so they can get the temple. We have told her that he's a robot, but she doesn't care.
How could you not fall in love with this hunk??

Today I cleaned the kitchen. I mean, I really CLEANED the kitchen. Gracie went in there and just told me it was 'Scary'. Guess I need to clean it more often.

The other day, Stella was crying, so Gracie went to her and calmed her down. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and heard Gracie yell "It's okay, MOM!! She just had a bad dream that a robot was eating her." Glad she can read minds.

I also found this once:

An empty swing. I was sure I had put Stella in it.....where did she go??

Found her.

In the playroom.
I asked how she got there.
So Gracie showed me.

This is how. Don't worry, I promise Gracie is very gentle!! She is such a good little mommy. :)


  1. Can I say that I laughed so hard when I saw Stella in the chair. I made Blake come over and look at it.

    Also, it shows that you and Clancy are great parents. Teaching Gracie to look past the outer beauty and concentrate on their inner beauty. Robot or not.

  2. Love the picture of her in the fuzzy chair watching TV with Liv, that is too cool. Gracie just cracks me up! Love those nieces of mine. You guys just make the most adorable little girls ever!

  3. Love the pics of her sitting in the big girl chair! Gracie is a big helper!


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