Thursday, February 11, 2010

Story telling by Stella


A couple of weeks ago, we took Stella to her second hockey game. This time, she was more awake and totally confused by all the cheering.

We started the night off by letting her drive. Totally legal, right? Just kidding. It was cold out and we were hanging out in the car before they opened the doors.

Stella witnessed some things for the first time that night, but I will let her tell the story....with her face.

"Look! There's Boomer the Bear behind me! He didn't even come say hi to me!! How rude! Let me at him!! Put 'em up!!"

"Speaking of fighting, I just saw one! This guy went like this......"

"....which made the other guys head go like this....."

" It was CRAZY! I'm tellin' ya!"

"Wait. Did you see that play? Kyle Beach scored again! Wooooooot!"

"why is this lady staring at me??? Oh that's right. Because I am so cute!"

"Sup. Are we winning yet?"

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Kootenay just scored! This is not good."

"Okay. Time to put on my game face."

"I am getting really worried. This is not going as planned."

"What is this line??!! I am so confused!!!"

"Well we lost. You win some, you lose some. Till next game................."

Isn't she a great facial story teller???


  1. Did you guys even watch the game? Stella is a great story teller. She is so stinkin cute.


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