Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today is Livia's Birthday-Take Two. Since she didn't really get a fun birthday day, I have dedicated today to her! We woke up early and went to Fred Meyer's to get birthday party supplies. Family is coming over tonight, and some close friends to help us celebrate. (Maren, if you guys feel like having a road trip, come on up!!!) Nothing too fancy, but it will be fun! We then went to Savvy Mom's and visited Bernadette.

Anyway, I asked Livia what she wanted for lunch and she said "Chicken nuggets!!" As we are sitting in the Micky D's drive thru, I tell Gracie that she is getting poop, because she was being, how shall we say...

She said "Poop?"

Then Livia yelled,

"I want poop too!!!!"

That just shows how much Livia wants to do and have everything that Gracie has!


  1. I wish we could come up. We totally would, but the mother-in-law is in town. I hope the party is a success. We are planning on being in Spokane on April 5 (I know it's far away, but we should plan something).

  2. LOL that is so funny- I hope my girls are close!
    I wish we lived near by so Our girls could play! they would be good friends!
    I am glad Livia is better!


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