Thursday, January 21, 2010

January?? Really???

Can you believe this GORGEOUS weather we have had lately?? The girls and I have gone on a few walks to get out of the house and enjoy it!

As we were walking, and the girls were running, I kept thinking: "It's January 20th? Really????" It feels like late April or early May.

Just a couple blocks from our house is a nice little park. There aren't a lot of playground toys, but there were enough to keep them entertained for awhile!

This is what Stella did....the whole time. What a cutie! She is 4 weeks old today!

I am NOT a winter person whatsoever. I love the sun and hot weather, so having this little taste of spring is GREAT! Today it was 48 degrees again and so sunny!

This weather is such a big change from last year.....
This was a huge snow fall Spokane got on December 18, 2009.

I am sooooo glad this isn't the situation this year!!! I HATE driving in the snow, so I would probably be stuck at home all day. YUCK.

P.S. Go here and check out her giveaway this week!!! So cute!!!


  1. That's probably a picture of our car in the snow from last year. We have loved this weather too. Just if it were a cool 60 degrees. This would be the place to live forever.

  2. What beautiful weather you are having! Glad that you all are getting out and enjoying it. Us, well we are in near blizzard conditions... ugh!
    The girls are all SO cute!


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