Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I really don't want to live here

In the hospital that is. Sadly, that is how it feels. I really wonder what Livia is thinking. She says she misses Gracie and Stella, as do I, but she doesn't ask to go home too much. I guess cartoons are a nice distraction! Not to mention no one is trying to steal her toys or take away her mommy's attention!

This morning, her ENT doctor told me that they have decided to keep her until her eye is 100% better.


So she is spending today, her 3rd birthday in the hospital.

They are making it really special though! Thank goodness for the Child Life department. They are awesome!

Up until yesterday, we were able to have a room all to ourselves. We got a room mate yesterday; a little boy with dehydration. Poor kid. Having a roomie makes it so hard to get Livia to sleep. What a night. She started to get drowsy around 9:30, but was still up until her IV machine started beeping at 11. Apparently from all her moving around, she made the catheter on her IV slip out. The nurse took it out and went to ask the Doctor if she could start oral antibiotics. While she was gone, Livia climbed out of her bed and laid with me on the couch, and proceeded to throw up. All over my blankets. Once we get that cleaned up, the nurse tells me that the Doctor wants her on IV antibiotics still, so the IV will have to be inserted in her other arm. Fun. Then the boy rooming with us throws up all over his bed. As the nurses clean that up, I took Livia out into the hall way and we just walked around and looked at the pictures until they told us we could go into the treatment room to have the IV put in. Finally we got back in bed at midnight, and I started to sing Livia "Happy Birthday" and she told me to be quiet.

More tales tomorrow! I have too much time on my hands here.....


  1. I am sorry to hear about your hospital stay. It was a difficult thing for me and he was 6mos. I can't even imagine a three year old. My heart goes out to you and her. Good luck mom and Happy Birthday sweetheart.

  2. Happy Birthday Olivia. I am sorry you are in the hospital, this will be one birthday I am sure you (And your mom) will remember.

  3. Thanks Jessica and Maren!!! But Maren, her name is LIVIA. Haha I have to give you a hard time! :) Can't wait to everything settles down so we can come visit for an afternoon!!!


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