Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We had a great Easter this year. We woke up Saturday and planned on taking the girls to an Easter egg hunt close to town, but we didn't really pay attention to the time so we missed it. Oh well, better luck next year!
So we packed and headed over to Cashmere to stay with my parents. Half way there, we realized we forgot all the Easter stuff at home. At least now I am all ready for next year!
We took the girls to Smallwood's and let them run around and check out all the animals!

Stella was fasinated by all the animals. She was yelling at this goat for 5 minutes trying to get his attention. It was adorable!

Getting them to all look at the camera is proving harder and harder to accomplish.

A trip to Smallwoods wouldn't be complete with out a ride on the cow train!

Stella was lucky that Papa volunteered to take her!

And I present to you the only family picture we got.....Starring Livia.
Haha, think she had to go potty??
That night we went up to Leavenworth and ate at Rudloof's Pizza to celebrate my mom's upcoming birthday! YUM!!

Easter morning we woke up and did the usual. Plus we colored eggs! (The Easter Bunny forgot about those...)
Then the Easter Bunny hid them. This year was especially fun because all 3 girls were very in to egg hunting. Stella thought it was a fun game!

If you notice that the girls are wearing the same clothes as they were the day before, it's because mommy also forgot to pack PJ's so they slept in their clothes. Whoops!
It was a relaxed Easter, just the way I like it.

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