Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Country girls

We are loving the beautiful little piece of the world we live in! Many walks have been enjoyed to check out the area. Everything is greening up, so it makes it even more beautiful, but it sure has been windy!

This is a view of the little area we live in outside of town.

True country girls now!

Gracie is so excited to start school again in a new area! She ended up getting in the class I requested so she will know at least 3 of the kids already, since we met them at a play date last week.

Isn't she adorable?? She wore a new dress to school and asked to have curlers put in her hair the night before so her hair would be super curly. Her goal was achieved!

I can't wait to pick her up today and see how her day went!

Clancy is really loving his new job, and I am not just saying that. He really does!

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