Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When kids get ahold of the camera

I went to upload some pictures today, and looky looky what I found!
**Warning--There may be one offensive picture, but it is edited.....plus it's my blog and I can put whatever I want on it. :)

Mail, aka bills


Hallway wall
Heater vent and the evil scale in the bathroom

Contents on bathroom sink

Seriously. One of the girls took a picture of their poo. I am guessing Gracie.

Astro Boy!

Home Depot's latest ad...oooo reminds me we need to go there tonight

Stella's jumpy chair

Wasn't that fun?
My guess is that whoever did this did it when I was in the shower. Dora goes on the TV so that the big kiddos are entertained. I still am not sure who took the pics though.....Gracie or Livia?? Maybe Stella???

The only evidence I have...... And they look like Livia toes!


  1. I swear kids love taking photos. Braden will do anything to get a hold of the camera. And at least she didn't drop the camera in the toilet.

  2. haha That's great! I love it! Sort of a "how a kid sees things tour" - gotta love the poo pic! haha

  3. I think whoever it is, has a career in photography ahead of them! Kids will be kids, even if that means taking pics of their own poo!


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