Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't bite flies!

Today during nap time, Gracie came running up the stairs, crying.

"What happened?" I asked

Then I saw her face.

And then I laughed and asked again.

"What happened?"

She replied:

"You know that thing. That squishy thing. Livia got it for her birthday. I bite it with my teeth and then I feel wet all over my face!"

I wondered what could this thing possibly be? I couldn't think of what Livia got for her birthday that would make that kind of a mess.

"It's downstairs on my bed," Gracie said.

So I went down there, looked and her bed, and remembered.

I remembered this hideous fly that Livia insisted on getting the day of her birthday.

What a mess it made!

Just on Gracie's face.

Somehow, her bedding was spared.

Whatever possessed her to bite it, is beyond me.


  1. This is a great story. I hope the goup didn't stain too much.

  2. LOL~ Thats so funny! I always wondered what was in those things!!!!


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