Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday surprise and ramblings

Last week, Clancy turned 32! My dad needed to go down to Yakima anyway, so we decided we should all go and surprise him! The plan was to surprise him when he came home from work and take him to dinner. Well, that plan backfired when I called Clancy around 3 and he said, "It's going to be a long day....I will probably be stuck at work until 8 or 8:30."


Long story short, he didn't get home until 11, where we were all waiting to surprise him!
Since we didn't get to take him to dinner that night, we decided to stay the next day and then go to dinner after he got off work. That worked out much better! Plus, I got to see my sister both days!

We are officially moving to the Othello area this weekend. I am excited! I know one person down there, and another person has introduced herself via Facebook. Funny story, after she wrote me a message, I realized that I totally blog-stalk her. Haha!

Thought I would throw in some pictures because, really, that's the best part!

Here's to the last week of staying at my parents house! WOOT!!!


  1. I hope the move is painless. If we are ever headed through Othello, I will give you a call.

  2. Hang in there Monica! You'll make friends wherever you are. You are so charasmatic! (sp?) But I can understand the fear of all that change. I would not cope well with it!



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