Thursday, March 3, 2011

Haircut time

Yesterday, I was brushing Livia's hair. She was complaining that it hurt. Of course it hurt. It was a huge rats nest!
So I asked her if I could cut it.
She said yes!
Bad idea.
I decided a trip to get haircuts was in order for both the girls.

Stella still has her cute faux hawk hair, so we decided we would leave hers alone.
She likes to brush it herself anyway.
Here you can see how long Livia's hair was before I got scissor happy.

Livia getting ready to have her very uneven hair fixed by a pro.


Isn't she just the cutest model ever? She is such a poser! I just aim the camera at her and she instantly strikes a pose.

Gracie before

Her hair was getting loooooong!


She wanted it much shorter, but I talked her out of it.

Notice the little ham peeking her head in both of Gracie's pictures???

PS Happy Birthday to my awesome mother-in-law! :)

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