Monday, March 14, 2011

Never thought this would happen.

Remember how Clancy got a job in the Yakima area? Remember how we were right in the middle of moving down there? Just as we were making plans, Clancy had been in contact with another irrigation district about starting his career there. He hasn't been happy where he was and, without getting into too much detail, that district didn't really know what they were doing. If you ask me, the whole district is just messed up. I could go on and on, but I won't.

Friday, after meeting with this other district, they offered him a job.
A great job!
He is super excited and really looking forward to learning more from them.

I am.....hesitant.

While I am really happy for him, I am not thrilled about where we will be moving.

That area.

Where, you say??


"It will be fine! It can't be THAT bad," you say.
Remember, I am moving from Spokane, to Othello area.
Just to give you an idea...


Spokane= 203,276
Othello= 6,734
Royal City= 2,024

Kind of a big difference, eh?

Then I thought of my sister-in-law's (sisters-in-law?) who live in Frenchtown, MT and Glendive MT. Stats at those towns?

Frenchtown= 971 (!!!!)

And they are very happy where they are! So if they can do it, I can do it......right???

Curious, we drove to Othello on Saturday and checked it out. I found a Super Walmart, so that makes me happy. Other than that, looks like I will be heading to Moses Lake, which is about a half hour away, for any other shopping (and couponing!).

The big challenge we face now is finding a place to live. Since it's not a huge town, I am guessing people don't move around as much as they do in Spokane. I have put the word out to the ONE person I know in the area, so hopefully someone will have something available soon!

Let the adventure begin!
(Once we find a house)

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  1. Good luck, like I said the town, not so great, the people, you will love. Make sure you connect with my friend Wendy. She is great and you will enjoy her and her family.


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