Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby room project

I know...I'm crazy.
Here I am 17, almost 18 weeks pregnant and I have a majority of the baby's room done. And when I say "I", I really mean my wonderful husband. He has been working every weekend on the baby's room, painting and sanding and cutting's been quite the project! We has switched the closet system around between this room and (what was our's and is now) the girl's room. The girls room got a bigger closet, so it can be used as a master bedroom, and the baby's room has a smaller closet, though still pretty good sized.
We (when I say 'we' I mean Clancy) started this project about 18 months ago. He finished the big closet quickly, but we never quite got around to finishing the other room. I wish I had pictures from before we started, but oh well. It was baby blue. Not anymore!

So we started by painting it brown about the same time we did the closet project. We just never really got around to finishing the painting and touch ups. So Clancy finished the painting last weekend, then we painted the trim Friday night and Saturday night.
I thought about changing the color, but I figured brown is safe. I can accent it with pink decor if it's a girl and with blue/orange/tan decor if it's a boy!


Gracie, what a good helper! She's so excited for the baby! She's jumping in this picture, hence the crazy hair

Livia is 'helping' us by playing with the baby's swing.
Gracie was putting some toys away.

I just love how everything turned out so far!

Gracie was running around the room after we vaccuumed it.
Gracie and I (in all my pregnant you can see, I just changed into comfy pants after church and kept the same top on hahah!) the painting a clean up were done! I promise, we helped. I even painted a lot of the trim! I swear!

The closet...yes they might be baby boy pants hanging in there.....

Now it's time to bring in the baby stuff!!! Here's the bassinet and the swing! Ignore the pink curtains...this used to be Livia's room, but who knows? We may have to keep them up!
The changing table and some toys.

The crib and the bouncy chair...wait. Whose feet are those? Could it by my super tired hubby after all his hard work laying on the floor with Gracie???

Okay, this has nothing to do with the room, but isn't this a cute diaper bag? I found it at Babies 'R Us on clearance and I love it! Plus it's good for a boy or a girl!

The inside is super cute!! I can't wait to fill it with the baby's things for the hospital! I know...i know! I am way ahead of myself. I blame my dad and brother. They were...I mean, are super involved in Boy Scouts and what's their motto?? ALWAYS BE PREPARED. So I'm prepared. :)

So we are ready for baby, minus crib bedding and that sort of thing. I have all of the girls' crib bedding left over from them that is adorable, so I can use that.
Am I crazy for having a lot of this done?? Ahh Who cares!
Have a great week!!!


  1. How fun! That will be our next project soon. So you and Clancy will be upstairs with the baby. Where are the girls housed now?

  2. We will swap rooms with them! We have them in the other room upstairs (which used to be ours) and now we are building a closet in the room we are using downstairs, so that G and L can move to that one when the time gets closer.

  3. Love the room! and Love the bag! :)

  4. Nice post.!! Want to see the decoration of your entire home. That crib bedding is perfectly match with the wall color.


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