Tuesday, August 18, 2009

19 weeks and a haircut!

This is what you get when you try and have your hubby take a decent picture of you.....I think this is the 6th picture he took.
It was time for a change. Saturday morning, I called the salon, booked an appointment in the next hour and decided to chop off my hair. Thanks mom and Aunt Lora for watching the girls! It is sooo much easier to do now!

And the 19 week, 2 day belly bump. I'm in pretty much full time maternity clothes now.
Baby wasn't moving too much the last week, so when my Dr. called (yes Em, Dr. Brasch!) Friday night to check on me, I decided to voice my concerns. He explained that the nausea medicine I was put on last week (after an ER trip for a bladder infection--fun, let me tell ya. Thanks Ryanne for taking the girls!) was a relaxant and so the baby was probably just relaxing in there and enjoying floating. He eased my worries, but I still hadn't felt much since going off the nausea meds. Then today is a whole other story! Baby has been kicking a jabbing and dancing around in there! 2 more days and we will know if it's a little hockey player or a ballerina dancing in there!

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  1. The haircuts cute and I can't wait to find out what you are having.


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