Friday, January 1, 2010

What I miss/don't miss

What I love about NOT being pregnant:

*No heartburn--HALLELUJAH!
*No more pelvic pain
*No baby bum in my ribs
*No sudden kicks in my ribs that make me go "OUCH"
*My legs aren't so swollen--even if the cankles will never go away
*I can get out of the bath tub with no help
*Don't have to worry about my water breaking at Target anymore

What I miss about being pregnant (I can't believe I just said that)

*Not having to suck in my tummy (MISS THIS THE MOST)
*If some article of clothing doesn't fit, you blame your growing tummy and go buy a new shirt/pants!
*Eating....because the baby wants it
*Having people pick up things I drop because I can't bend over enough to reach it
*Not having to breastfeed....I am not one of those mom's who love it, but I am doing it

Happy New Year everyone!

My resolution---Lose this baby weight. It was sad to try on my 'fat jeans' and not be able to button them.
I think I will try this Special K challenge I have been seeing on TV. Maybe.
I think I will still blame Stella, since she can't defend herself.

While I am talking a little about Stella, she has been very Jaundice. At her check up on Monday, her doctor sent us to the lab to have her billirubin levels checked. Turns out they were super high, 20.9, and they started light therapy on her. We are home now with a machine that has a belt that wraps around her middle and constantly shines light on her. They are slowly going down, and yesterday she was at an 18.3. We haven't gotten her results back from today's blood work ( a nurse comes every morning to check on her and take her blood) , but the doctor told us that we can stop the light treatment when she is under 16. So pray that she is under 16 today!
Okay, I am going to go back to watching the Winter Classic--go Flyers!

Gosh I miss hockey.

Miss Stella Bella

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  1. I can agree with all the pregnancy things you don't miss. I hate hate hate being pregnant. The only perk is my husband thinks I am not capable of doing anything. I just let him do whatever he wants while I sit on the couch.

    I am sorry to hear about the jaundice. Hopefully I don't have to experience that.


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