Saturday, February 19, 2011

I know, I know

I am horrible. I have many excuses, though! The biggest being that my laptop was out of commission and hooking it up to the TV to blog wasn't very appealing. I was kind of going through a rough patch of loneliness as well, with Clancy being in Yakima.

Long story short, I am back in the game!

Today, we are getting ready to celebrate Livia's 4th birthday, which is really on the 23rd. I took her shopping this morning to pick out her birthday dress, and being the tomboy that she is, she didn't want a dress. Instead, she fell in love with a 'Rockstar Outfit" as she calls it.

Love this girl!

Remember this? Today is the one year anniversary of her being admitted to the hospital for Periorbital Cellulitus.

I am grateful everyday for all the great medical care we received at the Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

Other news: We are moving next weekend! We are renting out our house (yes, we were desperate) to a nice family and getting the heck outta dodge!

Happy Weekend!!

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