Friday, October 1, 2010

Little update....or a downdate?

Not a lot going on around the Flynn household.
House is still for sale.
Do you want to rent it? Email me!

Hockey started and the first home game is tomorrow, so I got me and the Hubby some tickets and we are having ourselves a date night!

Stella is growing up too fast. She turned 9 months and is 20.5 lbs, and tall....I can't remember her height measurement...but it was in the 86%. She has 8 teeth, crawls all over everything, is in to everything and is a lot of fun! She's standing on her own now and I am NOT, I repeat, NOT looking forward to walking. She is very clumsy and has had her fair share of bumps and bruises. When she begins walking, I only see her clumsiness peaking.

Livia is doing preschool studies with me at home. She isn't what you would call the fastest learner, but she sure has fun. I really am loving having more one on one time with her. Livia is such a sweetie and has been a big help with Stella when Gracie is in school. She is dead set on being Dora for Halloween, so I am contemplating cutting her hair for it. We'll see.

Gracie is still loving Kindergarten and has 3, yes 3, boyfriends. Ian (who wears Chiefs gear to school....LOVE him), Melvin , (yes, MELVIN) and Joey. Kill me now. I know I was considered boy crazy when I was younger, but this is insane! I am talking to her DAILY how it's nice to have friends.....but you don't really need boyfriends right now. Her teacher has had nothing but praise for her and is not looking forward to when we have to move. Gracie is learning to read and loves it. I hope that she keeps that up.
Oh, and she's still obsessed with horses.


  1. I CANT BELIEVE GRACIE IS A KINDERGARTNER! Crazy! Time goes so fast!
    I got mine from one of my wholesalers! How much did your cost?

  2. If you say Halo Heaven, I will laugh.


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