Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday fun!

Before my parents (and Clancy) left this last weekend, we had a little party to celebrate Gracie's birthday. Wonder why there was some frosting missing on the cake?? Hmmmmmmm
Blowing out the candles!

Nana got her a horse set. This girls is currently OBSESSED with horses. Are you wondering what happened to Astro Boy? Me too.

Livia enjoying the festivities!

Nana and Stella

Gracie also had her 5 year check up and ( dun dun dun) shots. She did sooooo well. I prepped her the week before and let her know that she would be getting shots at the doctor visit. When we pulled up, I said, "Are you ready?"
"Let's do this," she said. "And I am not going to cry."
I let her know that it would be okay if she cried, because they might hurt a little, but NO. She was determined.

And guess what?

She didn't cry.

Not one tear.

She just said "ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch" for a while.
Love that kid.

Gracie's 5 year stats
Weight: 41 lbs 61%
Height: 42.8 inches 60%

Stella also had her 6 month check up about 2 weeks ago.
Weight: 16.7 lbs 65%
Height: 27.5 inches 96%

She's keeping on track to be my tall kid!

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