Sunday, July 11, 2010

The best birthday present

As I mentioned before, Gracie is currently OBSESSED with horses.


So I thought that it would be cool (and get me Mommy of the Year Award) if I could figure out a way for Gracie to be able to ride on a horse for her birthday.
I have some awesome friends who offered to help me out!
But then the opportunity literally fell in our lap.
On the 4th, we went to my Great Grandma Weller's house for the annual family reunion, and one of the neighbors dropped by who my dad knew growing up. He mentioned to my dad that he had some horses now.


So we took a little walk down the road.
My Great Grandma has a lot of land and it's all beautiful. Sadly, she is not able to take care of it, being almost 95 years of age, so she lives with my great uncle and aunt. She has already given some of the land to her kids and grandkids, so we took a look at the land my Grandma and Grandpa now own. (It's on the left of this picture)
We got to the horses and Gracie was so excited to be so close to one.
Stella sticking her tongue out
I kept her far away from the horses, just in case.

Then we heard a truck coming, which was my dad's friend. They told us if she wanted, she could take a ride on Doc, the nicer horse.
She was so excited!
So was Livia, so she climbed on as well.

She's been talking about it nonstop.

The other day, when Clancy got home from being gone for the week, she told him, "My papa took me to go ride on a horse!! It was so fun!"
Clancy told her that he knew, because he was there.
She didn't believe him.
Good thing I had pictures to prove it.


  1. I officially give you the Mother of the Year award. Way to go!

  2. So fun! There are many days I wish we still had horses. So glad that she got to go for a ride. Livia looks a little nervous, good thing daddy was right there.


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