Saturday, July 25, 2009


That's what Gracie yells everytime she hears that magical music playing in the street. Usually I just let her look out the window at it ( she does NOT need $3 ice cream), but this time I looked at Clancy and said "I got some cash. Should we get some??" So we grabbed our $$ and headed outside. Usually our neighbors don't really stop what they are doing for the ice cream truck, but not today. Today they we all out in their yards and had the same idea as us. It was hot out!!!
Instead of letting them make a huge mess with the ice cream inside the house, we decided to stay out on the front steps and let them eat it out there. I thought this would save me from cleaning up a huge mess! WRONG.

Livia choose a fudgescicle......

....and Gracie decided she needed one too!
Livia couldn't lick it fast enough, so the top ended up on the ground.
She thought she could pick it up an fix it!

Apparently the rest of Livia's fudgescicle didn't make it as well. It ended up on the sidewalk. She was so confused, like HEY Where did my ice cream go????
All done! Gracie didn't get too messy.....

...but Livia definitely got a bath! What a mess maker!!

It was such a nice night! Since a lot of our neighbors were out, we got to say hi and talk for a bit. Some of our neighbors are quite entertaining! Like one neighbor spent a couple of minutes trying to persuade his drunk friend that driving at that moment probably wasn't the greatest idea. Gotta love Hillyard! Our other neighbors are so nice and were giving up tips on our lawn that we have been trying to bring back from the dead since last summer. It seems to finally be working! When we bought our house, it was the middle of winter, and it had sat for 2 years! So we had no idea what the lawn was like. We were just excited to have such a huge yard! When spring came around, everyone had green grass...and we had grey grass. Lovely. Thankfully this year it is MUCH better!
Hope everyone enjoys there weekend!


  1. There's nothing like a $3 ice cream. The girls look cute and will have an appreciation for the ice cream man. I can't wait for Braden to have his first experience.


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