Saturday, July 18, 2009

I have finally entered the world....

.......of blogging! Probably because I am proud to admit, I am a blog stalker. If I find a blog of someone I know, or used to know, I check it. At least once a week. That's right.
So I have now decided that it is time to start our own family blog. I hope to keep everyone updated on what is going on in our lives, our 3rd baby that will enter the world at the beginning of January, and what the kids are up to. Since I am going to be writing on this blog, you will probably read some rants and raves and probably some emotional insights. Oh and since I have a hockey fan, you will probably see some ramblings about my favorite teams and hockey news that I deem worthy. So sit back and enjoy the ride!


  1. WELCOME! I'm so excited to stalk you! And by the way, I am so jealous if you're seeing Dr. Brasch for your baby!!! NO FAIR!!! Ask him if he remembers me, because I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite! :)


  2. You totally know that I AM seeing Dr. Brasch! Plus I get to see him every 2 weeks (gotta love complications!) hahahaha I will try to remember to ask!


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