Thursday, August 11, 2011

I can't wait for vacation

Even if we are only getting away for 2 days, it works for me.

As soon as Clancy gets home from work, we are outta here! We are staying at my parents house tonight, then getting up early to make the trek over to the Woodland Park Zoo. I have never been and can't wait. I know the girls are going to love it! The best part? Groupon had an awesome deal on admittance tickets early this week. Save us $27! Plus we used our debit reward points from our debit card at Spokane Federal Credit Union to get a hotel for Friday night!

Now we are trying to decide if we should hit up the Mariner's game on Saturday. Something about taking 3 little girls who aren't as obsessed with baseball as their daddy to a 3+ hour game....just isn't appealing.

Did I mention I can't wait?

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