Monday, August 16, 2010

A day for 8

1. I broke my computer, so I have been using my parents computer as we save to get it fixed. I am a dork and dropped it a couple of weeks ago, and the glass in the monitor shattered internally. Lovely.
2.My 10 year reunion was this weekend and HOLY COW. It was sooo much fun and I am so glad it's over. I helped plan it, since I was a class officer, and now know what to do for our 20 year! It's so funny to see how people have changed, and how some people are still the same. With technology now, like Facebook, it feels like we are able to reconnect that way, but it was great to see everyone in person. I got to see my best friend, Janelle, for the first time in like 3 years. She looks amazing! It was good to catch up with her. Pictures will come at some point!
3. Stella has received 2 more teeth. It's really odd, because she has her bottom two teeth, and then she cut two top side teeth, her incisor's, I think they are called. I am praying she gets her two top front teeth soon!! Otherwise, she's going to have a funny smile!
4. I am staying with my parents this week. My sister gets married this weekend, and then I will stay at her house while her and her husband go on their honeymoon. It will be a nice mini vacation!!
5. There is still a lot to do before her wedding. I need to dye my hair, get it cut, get a pedicure, trim the girls' bangs, paint their nails, get her gift, etc. Fun.
6. About dying my hair....I found 3 gray hairs this morning and when I put it up in a ponytail, an discovered more gray hairs. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? I guess I should have seen it coming; my dad started going gray at my age (a young 28, mind you).
7. Our house still hasn't sold. Boooo.
8. I miss my husband.


  1. Have fun with the wedding. What a bummer about the computer:( hope your house sells soon so you can all get settled together in a new town and not have to move after school starts.

  2. Sorry you havent sold your house and your computer is broken~ that sux!
    Yeah for your sister getting married!
    Ps what have you guys been up too? your moving?


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